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Our commitment to research, development, and sustainability

We collaborate with industry-leading research organizations to take care of our planet.

Eurac Research

We partner with Eurac Research to produce biodegradable medical devices.


We collaborate with CNR (National Research Council) to recycle production waste into oils and combustible gasses.


We work with Fraunhofer to collect used masks and integrate them into a circular economy.

We want to be part of the solution.
As Functional grows, so does our sense of responsibility, which is why we will continue to encourage environmental awareness, invest more in technological assets, and raise awareness among our employees for a greener world.

“We inherit the Earth from our ancestors
and borrow it from our children.”

At Functional, we take responsibility for managing our environmental impact as a company, committing to also raise climate crisis awareness among our employees and customers.

“While humanity debates,
Nature acts”

According to the United Nations, global temperatures are set to rise by 2.7 degrees by 2030. One of the contributors to global warming is plastic, which pollutes not only our waters but also the air we breathe and the soil we tread on.

At Functional, we are committed to distributing biodegradable plastic products.

Functional has obtained the prestigious ISO 14001 certification
for our Environmental Management System (EMS)