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Working as a team in Functional

A young and motivated team of talents
who want to revolutionize the business logic
of the DM and IPR industry. Do you want to be one of us?

Working as a team in Functional

A young and motivated team of talents
who want to revolutionize the business logic
of the DM and IPR industry. Do you want to be one of us?

Irene Merli

Head of HR is coming soon!

Maicol Verzotto


Maicol, 34 years old and the majority of them passed diving in the water💧…one Olympics, one gold medal 🥇 at European Championships and two medals at the World Championships is just a short summary of an amazing journey that for more than 25 years taught me values, discipline and the path to achieve the highest goals. In 2021 in Tokyo in Japan, I did my last competition as captain of the Italian National team and as professional athlete. Since that day, I have dedicated all my resources to Functional 🚀 with just one objective: ensuring that this business could be an extraordinary journey for all my team-mates, rich in stimuli, experiments, learnings, knowledge and fun. When I am not at work you can find me in front of the pages of a book 📖 or…in the water, just to make sure I never lose the habit. However, this time you will probably find me on a surfboard in the sea waves 🌊 or on a sailing boat ⚓ with my family 😀❤️.

Matteo Biasi


My adventure started when I developed my first websites during the high-school years, in order to collect some money to buy the stuff I wanted…I couldn’t imagine that that hobby would have become my job. When I was 19 I founded my own company after having found €250K investments. FlashBeing Srl started as a startup for the development of a Saas and today is a fast-growing software house specialized in the web and mobile apps development. Thanks to the experience made in the development of digital products, now I help new companies in successfully grow with the support of technology.When I am not in front of a screen, I love to practice sports: from motorsport to biking, running and skiing; I am actually a certified ski trainer. Obviously, I am always down also for a nice hike in the mountains when friends ask!

Silvia Federici

Head of Strategy & Innovation is coming soon!!

Giulio Pattaro

Head of Design

“How many hobbies do you have?” “Yes”I am Giulio, I was born in 1989 and come from Bolzano. I think I am a very creative person and for this reason my life revolves around artistic passions and professions.I work as a graphic designer and out of the office I am a musician: I play in two bands as a drummer and after the several lockdowns I can now finally go back on the stage and hold concerts in the city of Bolzano and in the surroundings. This passion requires great commitment and dedication to regularly practice in order to be able to give the best and enjoy on the stage.Another big passion for me is fishing! If I am not playing during the weekend, you can find me in the rivers fishing with friends!I am a quiet and social type, I get upset just when people say me “Have a good fishing”!

Matteo Ziller

Head of Purchase

Hi everyone, my name is Matteo, born in 1992 and native of Bolzano…if you happen to pass in Roma street in Bolzano, you will find a square that bears my surname.Despite having always lived in Bolzano, I took every good opportunity to travel and live something different by trying to dive deep in the local cultures. I can say that this willingness to escape the Italian or Bolzano’s sphere was born when I was younger and was used to spend afternoons online playing with people from all around the world. Today I am lucky to re-experience that all in my job since I engage everyday with suppliers in Asia, Africa and in the different countries of Eurozone.I love to watch every kind documentary to explore different locations and times across the history of the humankind and nature. At work I bring with me the same mindset, trying always to understand the dynamics of commerce in a super globalized world, where a political force in Asia might impact life and commerce of another geographical area in Europe.

Stefano Romagnoli

Tech & ERP specialist

Hi everyone, my name is Stefano,I was born in Bolzano and thanks to this city and its amazing mountains full of curves, green fields but also asphalt, I immediately developed a big passion for motorbikes and motorcycling. As a confirmation to the stereotypes regarding motorcyclists, I was born and grown up as a solista guitarist. Useless then to mention the kind of music I play…yes, it’s Metal. In addition to music and motorcycling, another great passion for me is gym (always talking about stereotypes) and more precisely the different forms of martial arts and fighting techniques. Indeed, I practiced Greco-Roman wrestling and Karate at agonistic level for several years, and currently I still regularly train. Despite all what I have told you in the paragraphs above, I am approachable…when to do it, well, it’s to find out..

Laura Spazian

International Purchase Manager

Bio is coming soon...

Orges Thika

Senior Sales and business development Manager

The Bio is coming soon...

Ayse Yaman

Purchase Specialist is coming soon!

Axel Rattin

Logistics Manager

Bio is coming soon...

Arianna Stillo

Sales and business development Manager

Bio is coming soon...

Luca Passadore

Head of Sales

I am 30 and still there’s a thing that puzzles me…when I introduce myself to someone new, I am more focused on saying my name than on remembering the name of the other person. Well, I usually like to vary and change, but still, my name was always Luca☺️Another thing I have never understood is how many people during their childhood were used like me to do the race of rain drops on the windows of the car. I don’t know why, maybe that was linked to the fact that I am a competitive person, but in particular, I like to challenge myself, overcome the obstacles, improve and win. And if I don’t win, I learn!I could spend days writing down all the doubts and dilemmas that attract my curiosity, but among them all there is one that is particularly strange to me. It is about a much more motivational aspect (motivations is another argument I love to discuss) and I would like to tell you about it in person possibly while chatting and laughing because there is one thing I have no doubts about…the will to live the best life possible enjoying this beautiful journey 💪💪

Serena Galli

Sales & Marketing Specialist

I am Serena (Serena is my name, serene is my mood😉) and I come from the green mountains of the Trentino region in Italy.I spent some years abroad collecting working and academic experiences in international environments before coming back to my homeland. I recently moved to the city of Bolzano, melting pot of the Italian and Teutonic culture in the heart of the South-Tyrolean Dolomites.Mountains are always in my mind, so when I am not in the kitchen testing the creation of some new receipts, you can find me hiking, skiing or making vie ferrate in the Dolomites. I like to share the beauty of mountains on social media, so sometimes I get distracted taking photos or recoding videos. This passion of communicating on the social networks is now part of my job, thus I am justified if I spend several hours a day on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Silvia Chiarot

Head of Finance

I am Silvia, I originally come from a small village in the Province of Pordenone, but I moved to Bolzano to study economics and management at the university. As nature and sport lover, I found in Bolzano the right trade off to be able to live in a city and at the same time don’t lose touch with the nature. I grew up surrounded by nature, so this is a very important element to me. I never get tired of exploring in every aspect of life. Indeed, I am that kind of person who proposes Sunday activities that are other than blanket, tea and Netflix, and who get excited for the shape of a particular tree or the strange color of a stone.However, I have to admit that even if I enjoy the social moments and staying with other people, I sometimes need to take time for reading a book or listening a philosophical podcast on the mystery of life. It’s in that moment of solitude that I recharge my energies.I think that sharing, collaboration, mutual help and the openness at work are important. Thus if you ask me a favor, and I am not on a train to go back home where the connection is not stable, it will be hard for me to say “no”.

Peter Alber

Sales and business development Manager

Hi, I am Peter and I was born in Meran. Some friends at the university used to say that I am a “fake Italian”…I know that the reason was that I spoke German and rooted for Bayern München 🤷‍♂️Since I’m also a foody, I am proud to live in the homeland of the best food ever: Italy. Eating good food is one of my biggest passions, from pasta to Asiatic food. In the workplace at Functional I try to contribute every day with my open mindset and a strong sense of responsibility.I would describe myself as a team-player both at work and out of the office. This explains my big passion for football. I played it since childhood until the start of my university studies in economics and marketing.When I need to recharge the batteries and free my mind, I mainly like to go biking and climbing (even if after a hard training I sometimes feel that the battery is almost empty😉). If you meet me in the street and I don’t greet you, there’s an explanation: I have a twin! I swear I always return your smile😊

Luca Taddeo

Front-end Developer

Bio is coming soon...

Stefano Pedone

Senior DevOps is coming soon!

Silvia Fiordelmondo

Head of Digital Marketing

My name is Silvia, class 1991, I was born in the province of Perugia, in the green heart of Italy. At work I always try to archive results in the most professional way I know with kindness, ambition and desire to do.However, outside the office I change completely: my biggest passion is music. I played flute for almost 8 years, and studied music and sheet music reading since childhood, before moving on to tenor saxophone. As my mother is number-one fan of Renato Zero (an Italian singer), the kinds of music I like most are Italian RAP and American hip hop: from Eminem (I was at one of his concerts) to the Italian rappers such as Marracash, Gemitaiz, Salmo, Gue, Fabri Fibra and many others.I am always with my phone in my hand because socials are another big passion (or addition?) for me. Therefore, if I don’t answer or if you cannot find me, I am at work or at a concert!

Massimo Camin

Head of Logistics

Bio is coming soon...

Andrea Perri

Back-End Developer Intern is coming soon!

Grazia Santanocito

Business Operation Manager is coming soon!

Sofia Gasser

Sales and business development Manager

My name is Sofia, I was born in the mountains, I am 100% South-Tyrolean (my mom is Italian mother tongue and my dad is German mother tongue), but I love the sea. I am fascinated by contrasts: a good mix between flexibility, versatility, reliability and respect are essential aspects in life for me. Adaptation to new situations and changes is one of my skills and that’s the reason why I like to travel and meet new people in every circumstance. I thus like to work with different sectors: from pharmaceutical, to food production to hotelier. The enthusiasm that the people working in these sectors have is fascinating and I will never stop making them questions to learn. I have thousands different hobbies from windsurf to alpine skiing, to fishing and gardening. If I had the possibility to make 5 different jobs, I would do that, but for now two are enough. When I am not at work, I am outside to take sport photographic campaigns. I often work also in the weekends, so to get away from everything I need to go to the Garda Lake, my second home. However, when I am not in the office, I miss my colleagues! Working in Functional enables me to be myself by using versatility and cultivating my interests at work. I learn a lot from my colleagues and from the constant (accelerated) growth of Functional that often represents a true challenge. By the way, I love challenges and bets (I never lost one😉), so it is better for you, if you don’t make a bet with me!

Andrea Moretto

Logistics Manager

My name is Andrea, I was born in 1993 in Bolzano.I studied languages and literature at the high school, where I got addicted to the English language and history. I like to make questions and learn, but despite this, having answers to the questions of other people is what I like most. I am fascinated since childhood by science, innovation and space exploration, although having made humanistic studies. I think that these branches of science are based on principles that are applicable to everyday life, both in the private and professional sphere. One of these principles is the search for solutions. Tackle problems is a common denominator for every person/worker. The real difference lies in the willingness to find solutions with the available means and if not available, find them. Discussing and finding solutions is one aspect that I love of the job within my team.I have had a passion for football for as long as I can remember. I played for several years and was a referee for many other (Go Inter! Go FC South Tyrol!). I like to play strategy games, both table and videogames, with friends. When the season allows to do that, I love to camp in the forests of our amazing region. My favorite animals are cats and white sharks…I have two cats, but no white sharks. That’s why sooner or later I will make my dream come true: dive with the cage to see them free in their natural habitat!

Luca Visciola

Full Stack Developer

Hello to whoever reading this, my name is Luca and I was born in Orvieto, yes you heard it, Orvieto where it sitting the most beautiful cathedral in Italy, the city made by the Etruscans, the city where was born the Umbria Jazz festival but everybody are thinking that was born in Perugia and how can you blame them? Orvieto the beautiful city that we are letting die. As you may have guessed from the first few lines I suck at writing and I am a social misfit or better to say a planetary misfit, I don't know why I am stuck in these three densities, but surely I came here to learn something or to atone some punishment. Thanks to Umbria Jazz Festival I encountered music at a very young age and that gave me the strength to adapt to all of this and move forward, and music is my preferred language in combination with the computer's one. The match maybe sounds in contrast because music is passionate and programming language is scientific, well demonstrating the connection between the two worlds is my driving force. Yes I like technology used in a humanistic way... impossible, utopian? Not at all! In fact, many years ago the inspiration to become a Full Stack Developer came to me from Mr. Jacque Fresco, he re-engineered the society, I am less ambitious and much more less confident in the human race therefore I settle to engineer web softwares. I'm not a big reader, and when i do it I'm swallowing books on theoretical physics and science that is kept hidden from the public, hidden because it is not fitting the economic system, a core system that should be completely remove and replaced with one based on resources so that we can finally begin to civilize as humans.

David Schmid Niederkofler

Sales and business development Manager

I am David and I was born in Bozen in 1986. I always try to create a good and honest relationship with clients at work. I have been married since 2010 and I have 3 children, thus my hobbies are mainly linked to them: being a taxi driver, going to see sport events, cooking…well, that’s called being a dad right? When I have free-time I like to hike in the mountains. My children love to do that too, so we often go to the mountains together.

Sami Khallouki

Sales and business development Manager

The Bio is coming soon...

Alexa Castellaneta

Finance Accounting Manager is coming soon.

Alessio Gigliotti

Senior Logistic Manager

My name is Alessio Gigliotti, born in 1991 in Bolzano, but my whole bloodline is made in Calabria. At work I take care of logistic at 360 degrees, from receipt of goods to the choice of the right carrier for the delivery. I have always liked the operational part even out of the office since I have a passion for “operational” videogames. However, I am not always in front of a screen; when my knee allows me to do sports, I love to play football and basketball, and hike in the mountains or on famous paths such as the “Via degli Dei” in central Italy. I am a great lover of animals and currently I live with my partner and my cat Zelda (nerd name taken from the homonymous Nintendo videogame), that I saved some years ago during a cold night in Brunico with -25°C.

Massimo Caria

Head of Growth is coming soon!

Michele Zennaro

Purchase Specialist is coming soon!

Melania Barollo

Project Manager

Hi, I am Melania, born in Padua and “transplanted” in SouthTyrol.I firmly believe that professionalism can exist just if associated with kindness, availability and empathy: in the frenzy of our days, we often forget that days have 24hr for everyone and that everything depends on the management of priorities.Keyword? Enthusiasm!The path? Finding what interests me in the professional as well as in the private life and when I find it put in all the possible effort, every energy and skill.The greatest passion? Reading or better “l’immortalità all’indietro di Umberto Eco”, cult movies and trekking in the amazing mountains of SouthTyrol.Why Functional? Because for me Functional represents a dimension where you can be yourself.

Nazareno Ciccarello

President of Board

My career started in the Army when I was 19. I was officer of the corps of the Carabinieri responsible for the training of the military police platoon specialized in pace maintenance operations in Kosovo and Albania. After having worked for several multinationals (Johnson & Johnson, Angelini Pharmaceuticals, Dompé) in HR, marketing and business development and after having spent time abroad touching more than 70 Countries, in 2020 I co-founded Functional Srl of which I am President. Currently I am also responsible for the international business development activities of BFF Bank, a bank listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. It is specialized in the management and “pro soluto” credit disinvestment asked by large and medium companies towards the public administrations and the national healthcare services of 9 European countries. In addition, I am visiting professor of entrepreneurship at the IE business school and I was speaker in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Turkey, India, Canada, Mexico and United States as representative of the IE business school.Simultaneously to my professional career, I was also an agonistic athlete (diving) for more than 20 years and volunteer for the association MAKE A WISH that fulfills desires of children with serious illnesses.I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and French in addition to Italian and still love diving, but as I always say “age advances”…The quote that represents me is “Be passionate in everything you do, as every day is day one”.

Manuel Tardivo

Back-End Developer is coming soon!